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Tips for buying property in your school catchment area

In February and March 2019, when government schools open applications for 2020, you may need to be living at an address in the feeder zone of your school of choice to stand the best chance of getting in.



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How young is too young for a smartphone?


It’s not easy being a parent. Balancing your child’s wants and needs with what you feel is best for them can be tricky. A particularly thorny issue for today’s parents is the question of when to give your child a smartphone.

Is there a right age? How do you know that your child is ready to own a smartphone? What can you do to mitigate the dangers and how should you handle the process?

How to choose a curriculum for your family


Homeschooling has emerged as likely the most relevant and effective option for the education of children over the past number of years.


Obesity in children: combat bad habits now for your child's continued wellbeing


Obesity in children is on the rise. A recent study has found that within the African Union, one in five children are obese, with South Africa having by far the most obese children among the countries surveyed.


November Issue


Signs that your teenager may be doing drugs


The past few weeks has seen the emergence of a horrifying trend among school children rear its ugly neck.

Drugs has long been an issue in schools in South Africa, mainly due to the vulnerability of school children in succumbing to peer pressure, and the ease with which certain drugs can be procured.

The best investment a parent can ever make


Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Investment in education pays the best interest.’

Unfortunately, many learners leaving school will not be able to afford tertiary studies as they do not qualify for free studies.


How technology in education can benefit the family


As technology evolves, so does its role in industry and society.

Its impact is felt across nearly all industries with education being one of the highlights with record worldwide investment in EdTech companies in 2018 so far.

With an increase in educational technology-based solution providers, families are increasingly becoming involved in their children’s education.


November Issue

SA reading initiative wins education innovation prize


South Africa’s reading-for-enjoyment campaign, Nal’ibali, took third place at the African Union’s Innovation in Education Prize, rising ahead of six other emerging innovators from across the continent.

The announcement came during the AU Commission’s Innovating Education in Africa Exhibition in Dakar, supported by the Senegalese Government and African partner institutions.

Taking the gap: letting your child discover purpose during a gap year


If your child is going to take a gap year in 2019, it has probably been decided, planned and funded by now.

But if you are at this moment considering whether a gap year for your soon to be matriculant might be a good idea, then this article is for you.

Pearson launches fast-tracked BCom and BBA degrees


The Pearson Institute for Higher Education (PIHE) has announced that they have launched new structured and fast-tracked courses that will make it possible for students to complete a degree in as little as two years.

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programmes for 2019, are the first of their kind in South Africa, according to Pearson.


November Issue