How to react to your child’s report card



Let’s face it, as parents, we’ve all at some point received report cards from our children that were less than satisfactory. And it is all too easy, especially with the older kids, for us to get angry and accuse them of being lazy and of not putting in enough effort.

However, our reactions may be doing more harm than good.

WorksheetCloud, one of the leaders in primary and secondary education in South Africa, offers its perspective on how to react to your child’s report card.






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Parents need to be happy too

In a world where life seems to keep us spinning in a never-ending vortex of fast-paced, pressured parenting, crushing bills and overwhelming expectations, Cindy Glass, Owner and Co-Founder of Step Up Education Centre says, parents, it seems, have lost their ability to see themselves as also worthy of happiness, peace and fulfillment.



Perfectionism can be self-destructive

Help your children grow and learn as they embrace successes and failures in an environment which encourages them to believe in their capabilities and talents.

Help them to strive to be the best version of who they were born to be and perfect is not it.

Solidarity is launching a R4.5 billion project – including an alternative Afrikaans school system and university

Trade union Solidarity has announced plans to roll out a R4.5 billion ‘network of work’ project, which will build alternative educational and work opportunities.




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Institutions must seek to better understand the youth 

In commemoration of Youth Month, in June, Pearson Institute of Higher Education (PIHE) hosted various initiatives to advance the skills and training of young people.



GDE accused of hiding its inability to fix crumbling schools 

As a parent I was horrified by recent events at a Vanderbijl Park high school, where a pedestrian walkway collapsed in February, resulting in the deaths of four pupils and several others being seriously unjured.

Help your children make their career choices without making it for them

“With the plethora of options available these days, finding the best career option for your child could be a formidable task," says Prateek Bhargava, Founder & CEO of Mindler.



Distance learning - Can it prepare your child for the workplace of the future?

Distance learning qualifications may prepare students for the workplaces of the future.

Remote working is where employees spend some or all their hours working from home instead of from the office. It is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and around the world as it can eliminate distractions, boost employee productivity, reduce stress and improve emotional wellbeing.


You can still make this academic year a success with the help of home education

With mid-year exams at schools having ended and results being released, some learners across the country may feel that they need extra help in improving their academic performance for the rest of the year.

Examination results can be a particularly big wake-up call — especially for those learners who fear that they’re at risk of failing the academic year.

Many of these learners and parents might start to lose hope, but one alternative viable solution involves that of home education (also known as homeschooling).

South African private university group is closer to creating a ‘Multiversity’ for 100,000 students


JSE-listed private tertiary education specialist, Stadio Holdings says it will implement its expansion plan which includes the construction of its first comprehensive campus in Durbanville near Cape Town.

Stadio said it is is also close to submitting its application to accredit and register Stadio Multiversity as an Institute for private higher education, “a process which should be completed by June next year”.