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HAKSA 2018: Screen time, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating are impacting on our children


The 2018 Healthy Active Kids South Africa (HAKSA 2018) report is out and the news is, as expected, but still disappointingly, not good.



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Sexual abuse: make sure your teenagers are safe



Despite the many misgivings that we as parents may have about the ‘good‘ (read expensive) schools that our children attend, the sad fact is that incidents of sexual assaults, perpetrated by teachers or school staff on children, are on the rise.


Be careful of emotion driven spending this holiday



So we’ve had a bit of good news recently with the petrol price decreasing significantly at the onset of December. But still this period traditionally means more spending. And unfortunately, this generally entails spending on items that we don’t need.

Keep your children safe this holiday 

With the end-of-year school holiday upon us, one of the main issues that many parents in South Africa will have to contend with, is how safe are my children as they go out and visit their friends etc.

As much as we would all like to send our children on holiday programmes where they will not only be entertained and educated, but also safe and under adult supervision, it is not always financially or practically viable.


December Issue



Say no to tech: traditional toys are best 


The American Academy of Pediatrics finds the best toys for children's development are those that foster play between a caregiver and child.

As digital media-based gadgets increasingly fill the children's toy aisles, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns families against using them as a replacement to the traditional hands-on toys and games that fuel the imagination and aid in healthy development.

Awesome idea: let your child create a Wikipedia page



Do you want a fun way of getting your young children excited about learning? I think I’ve found it.

Wikipedia is the world’s 5th most visited website and for good reason.


Homeschooling growing in leaps and bounds

In some jurisdictions, homeschoolers are not required to report their choice to homeschool, while in others, homeschooling remains illegal, but some parents choose to home-educate their children regardless.

For this reason, it is difficult to estimate the exact number of homeschooling families. The numbers that are available indicate that approximately 27 000 children were homeschooled in Canada (as of 2015) and a whopping 1.7 million in the United States as of 2017.



December Issue

The ‘school leaver‘ talk



The face of parenting changes year by year, as our children grow and develop their own personalities, interests and expectations of life.

Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres elaborates by explaining “We have been there from the new-born phase, supporting, encouraging, nurturing and guiding them as best we can in a world that is rapidly changing and in communities that have challenges all of their own.

Digital learning for Grade R to Grade 12



Globally, the use of technology in education has grown in leaps and bounds, and while we are lagging seriously behind the international standard, there are a number of programmes available that aim to expose South African pupils to technology in education, helping to gear them up for a future workplace where technological skills will make up the foundation of nearly every sector.



Best Global Universities Rankings for 2019 announced



US News & World Report, the global authority in education rankings for more than 30 years, announced the 2019 Best Global Universities rankings at the end of October.

In its fifth year, the rankings evaluate 1 250 schools across 75 countries, providing the most comprehensive assessment of research universities around the world.


December Issue