The Power of Money: why learning about money from an early age is essential to ending child poverty


That children from socio-economic deprived situations should be taught financial literacy, and the basics of personal finance, is a too easily overlooked necessity in the midst of everything else they need to learn.



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The link between emotional challenges and poor academic performance 


The academic year, as we are already aware, hold many stressors for children. What we are not always conscious of is that a child’s emotional state can directly affect the need to perform academically

Helping your child make the most of repeating a Grade  


According to Cindy Glass, owner and founder of Step Up Education Centres, these ‘failures’ are normal and natural processes in the act of learning to walk. In fact, they are expected and hailed as signs of effort and future success.



Local startup to raise money for schools


A local tech startup has come up with a novel way for schools to make a bit of extra cash. This will come as good news to parents who, like me, are sick of the school’s near permanent fund raising initiatives that end up costing an arm and a leg.




Learn to say NO

Sometimes people feel they are duty bound to help their children even though they also feel they are being used at the same time, others struggle with the idea of “doing unto others as you want done unto you”.


How to teach the essential skill of self-awareness to your children 

According to Cindy Glass, founder and owner of Step Up Education Centres self-awareness is the first skill in emotional intelligence and it sets the precedent for the growth and development of all emotional intelligence skills.

Applications for fellowship programme now open


The Fellowship Programme is one of three programmes the Foundation offers in pursuit of creating a pipeline of responsible entrepreneurs.



Education technology key to career readiness  

A flailing economy, a massive technology skills gap and students that are nowhere near prepared for careers are cause for concern in today’s rapidly changing workplace.


Traditional schooling is useless: Elon Musk 

“I think a lot of things that people learn probably there’s no point in learning them because that they never use them in the future because kids just in school are puzzled as to why they’re there.”



Pearson offers part-time courses for distance learners in South Africa  

Through an integrated learning management system, coupled with in-person support and guidance, learners can now obtain their degrees while working full-time.